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Engines - Retrofit

     While the stock V8 and V6 equipped G-Bodies may share many body lines with their NASCAR variants, one thing they lack is serious power. For those of you who have a V8 car, or even a Turbo Buick and want to squeeze more out of the stock power plant or squeeze in something a bit more muscular check out our articles on engine mods, upgrades and swaps.

     Highlights include information on the following engines and power-adders:
  • Stock 305cid engines (LG4, L69)
  • GM crate engines (350 HO, ZZx Series, BBC)
  • LT1
  • LC7 Buick Turbo V6
  • LS-series (1,2,6,R)
  • Northstar V8
  • Fuel Injection Conversions (TPI/MPFI, TBI)

Spohn Performance G-Body Parts

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