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     What good is that engine if you can't get the power to the rear axle? If you're hearing clunking, whining, buzzing or other strange sounds originating from beneath your floor boards, good chance its your aged transmision.

     Transmissions are one of the most mechanically and hydraulic intensive peice of machinery in an automobile. Understanding how they work , how to repair, how rebuild and where to use which one can be a bit confusing to the average Hot Rodder. However, with a little time, patience, good tools and some expert advice you can make the most of the tranny for your engine and driving needs. Outlines of the common upgrade parts and tweaking procedures based on application (Street or Strip), are in the Automatics Section. Features include information pertaining to the TH350, TH400, TH200C, TH200R4, TH700R4 and the 4LE60 with more as GM puts them out. We're hoping to get some news or info on someone, somewhere bolting in a GM 5-speed automatic...more Automatic news as it arrives.

     For those of you who want more gears or prefer to be in manual control of your engine's rpm output to the differential there are a few common manual tranny swaps to satisfy your gear shifting ways in the Manual Section. Features include T5 and T56 swaps.

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